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Jul. 4th, 2011

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If anyone likes a shopping challenge they should take me. I have the hardest time finding clothes and shoes that fit. Went looking for Shoes, shorts and bras today. I actually found a pair of black sandles with a small heel that fit. This is quite rare since my feet are so small--a size 1 to 2 depending on style and brand, so my only options are little girls' shoes, which typically look like little girls's shoes with bows or things like that. But lucky for me they're coming out with more adult looking styles.
the shorts were a sad disappointment. My problem is my big fat butt. Not only is it big, it sticks out. If I find a pair that goes over my behind, the waste is too big. And if it is the right size for my waste, it's way too tight on my butt to where i wouldn't be able to sit without splitting them. the shorts, not my butt. I've tried hip huggers, but those go too low in the back, so forget about sitting without exposing far more than i'm comfortable with. So i'm forced to wear shorts with either alastic or draw strings. Someone suggested wearing a belt. Problem there is the waste is so big it bunches too much. Or maybe the style is to be so tight that you can't breathe. Tell me I'm not the only one with this problem?
And bras are just not designed for a person my size. Smallest I've found is a 32, but I really need a 30 because my frame is very slim. but the only 30's I've found are either training or AA's which are way too small in the cup department. Wish I had the money to get my clothes and shoes tailor made. But i guess I'll have to settle with alterations, though not sure how that works with bras.

May. 7th, 2011

Numb Foot

My body is being strange. Woke up around 3am. Noticed left foot was numb. Not pins and needles, but hardly any nerve sensation. it's been over half an hour and the lack of feeling has remained. Range of motion in ankle and toes are fine. I can feel when pressure is applied. Feels like I was administered local anesthesia but it hasn't taken full affect. Not knowing what the heck is wrong is the most disturbing.

Oct. 21st, 2010

Lj app for iPhone

Lj app for iPhone allows me to post but not read post with voice over.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.


Mar. 14th, 2010

(no subject)

thanks to sillything_and monkeyball2007
for the welcome back. am looking forward to writing in complete sentences again.

updating end of 09 and beginning of 2010

I'm still working as an Assistive tech Specialist at WCC, though it is not clear if my position will exist after the semester. for the most part, I enjoy my job and would love to keep it. times are hard, lots of ppl are being furlowed or laid off. i was furlowed during xmas and will be in Spring Break, and my pay has been reduced by 7%.

some good news. I got an iPhone for xmas. I love this phone because of the built in accessibility.

I've been so busy. I'm now the recording secretary for my social club, on the technology and PR committees for the Hawaii association of the blind, a board member for the Library for the blind and Physically handicap, and taking two online classes to become certified as a It technician.
HAB just finished it's annual state convention yesterday. I was part of the program committee. I had to introduce our first guest.

Now that I thought of bookmarking LJ on my iphone, I can keep up with my LJ friends better.

Mar. 12th, 2010

Gone for so long, but i'm back

I know I've been gone for so long and most of my followers have probably unfriended me. But since starting my new job, getting FaceBook and Twitter, it's been so hard to keep up. but I'm back and have lots to update.

(no subject)

Now that I have LJ bookmarked on my iPhone I can keep u

Oct. 29th, 2009


Just wanted to whish franno and salix
both a very happy birthday!

Oct. 14th, 2009

Mega 80s concert

I had the best time last Sat at the Mega 80s concert. Was feeling v down when B said he would be working that night. I had already missed the ladies of the 80s, and Black eyed Peas and told him I was going to this concert with or without someone. He got someone to work for him, so he was able to take me, hurrah! I'm glad, cause it would have been v hard for me going by myself. Not to say blind ppl don't go to concerts by themselves. Anyway, I'm rambling. the first group up was the Cover Girls. I didn't really care for them. it wasn't even the original singer, and they didn't have a band. Next group up was Ready For the world. I didn't recognize them at first until I heard "Let Me Love You Down." I know the song, but never knew the group. Then after that was one of my fave groups from the 80s The Jets. i didn't know they had such strong ties to hawaii, the 3 sisters are all married to Hawaii guys. And I think one of the brothers has a daughter attending UH, who plays for UH volleyball. Final act was EnVogue. I heard they weren't any good live, but all 3 of the later bands were awesome, though there were some sound issues; vocals were hard to hear over instruments during the beginning of each set. Now everytime I listen to a song by these groups i remember the wonderful time i had that night. Even though i was barely out of diapers in the early 80s that decade was the best time of my life.

Oct. 4th, 2009

Giovanni's Garlic Shrimp recipe

If you love garlic and shrimp and you're not lucky enough to get to the famous Giovanni's shrimp truck or any of the other shrimp trucks on Oahu's north shore,this is a great substitute. We tried it last week and it came out almost just as good. I think the problem was we used frozen shrimp instead of fresh, but it was still scrumcialistic. if you like garlic, and you like shrimp, try it and let me know what you think.


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